Family Ministry

Welcome to Heart Life Family Ministry

The purpose of the family ministry is to educate families on prayer, the importance of our God given roles and our accountability to teaching our children how to have relationships; both with God and man. Our target is the nuclear family, teaching the importance of clear and effective communication through love.

God’s desire is for the body of Christ to be joined together according to Ephesians 4:16. However, when faced with issues within our own family, being fitly joined together is sometimes the furthest thing from reality. This is where HeartLife can help.

Our Family ministry believes that charity begins at home. We are driven to provide you with tools and services to equip you to navigate through issues like:

  • Destruction of traditional family structure
  • Communication breakdown
  • Absent Father in the home
  • Lack of positive relationships

Often it is difficult to adequately communicate with family members and sometimes we turn our backs on family because we do not know how to engage family effectively. HeartLife believes that crisis is opportunities for growth and not destruction and we choose LOVE & COMMUNICATION as our instrument toward growth.