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Wesley and Neesha Stringfellow are a husband-and-wife team, married for 25 years are the Founders of the Marriage Ministry which was birthed over 15 years ago. Wesley and Neesha share a passion for saving marriages and for helping couples build strong marriages and families.

They have a desire for assisting couples overcome the challenges that adversely affect their marriages, whether it’s unforgiveness, infidelity, financial recovery, unresolved conflicte, or the stress and pressures of life. Wesley and Neesha and the HeartLife Marriage team work with couples to help them become whole and find freedom and joy in their marriage. The HeartLife Marriage Ministry has hosted a Marriage Getaway for the past ten years teaching seminars and providing counseling for engaged and married couples.

HeartLife Marriage Ministry is dedicated to teaching couples how to live a healthy, happy, and fun-filled life in Christ Jesus. Many marriages struggle with a general loss of closeness and intimacy that can stem from being unable or unwilling to communicate effectively with each other.

Marriage enrichment can be a tool to assist couples in adjusting to one another’s differences and understanding God’s place in their relationship. HeartLife Ministries offers a six-week marriage boot camp which allows couples to understand the basic fundamental principles needed in order to have a healthy marriage.

In addition we provide a 6 -week marriage “Re-boot camp” to encourage couples to have a healthy marriage,  upon request we offer  pre-marital counseling to engaged couples. Pre-marital counseling can help the engaged couples have preventative means to avoid the pitfalls many couples face after the honeymoon period. We suggest at least three- six months of pre-marital counseling to allow the couples time to embrace the necessary tools to enjoy a healthy marriage.

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