Word from Founder

Many years ago when all we could do amidst diapers and bottles was dream – the Holy Spirit dropped into our spirit the words Heart to Heart. As I sought Him as to what that meant, I realized that what God was asking of us was to be transparent with Him and to be transparent with each other; to love Him, and to love each other. Not feeling that I was qualified to be some great preacher or evangelist, we wonder how we could work with the burden we had to reach hurting people, particularly women. So clearly, we heard the Holy Spirit say, “that which comes from the heart, reaches the heart.” I knew that it was not an original saying, but it conveyed something that has been a pinnacle for me to reach for throughout my years as a Christian. I want to be the kind of believer, the kind of person, the kind of friend that allows the love of God to flow from my heart to the “whosoever will” open their heart to receive.

Trying to answer the call, we began to have women’s breakfasts and lunches; we worked in our local church with women ministry; we joined other women’s ministry to receive training. In 1999, we knew it was time to “launch out into the deep” and trust the leading of the Holy Spirit to provide a forum where women of all ages could have the opportunity to utilize their gifts and callings in a safe environment. We began by hosting prayer breakfasts, seminars, retreats, trusting God to make the way. We began a monthly newsletter which we sent out by snail mail.

About the same time, Wesley and Neesha Stringfellow, my daughter and son-in-law began felt compelled to provide opportunities for couples who were struggling in their marriage to get together and share. By 2001, the marriage ministry began and this year, ten years were celebrated. Over the years hundreds of couples have been exposed to young people, like themselves, who shared the life-giving strategies they have learned that have strengthened their marriages and in many cases kept them from divorce.

In 2008, we began another leap of faith by sending daily inspirations to everyone in our e-mail list and in 2009 we launched the HeartLife website and officially became a 5013c religious organization. Our call is to “go wherever He (the Holy Spirit) says to go; to say whatever He says to say, and to do whatever He says to do” to further the Kingdom of God by “Loving God, Reaching People, and Declaring Truth.”